6 Month Ride Card.

Breakfast Social Every Sunday 8:30am, @ 4B’s, 4907 Southgate Dr.

Chapter Gatherings 1st Thursday of the month, Dinner 6:00pm Gathering @ 7:00pm @ 4B’s, 4907 Southgate Dr.

7/15    6:00pm        CCH Blue Cat, Huntley

7/17    8:00am        LTP Natural Bridge

7/22 – 7/25           Montana District Rally, Lewistown MT.

7/28    6:00pm        LTP Edgar Bar

7/31    8:00am        LTP Beartooth Loop

8/7     8:00am        TZT Harlowton / Big Timber

8/10    6:00pm        LTP 307 Bar & Grille Columbus

8/14    8:00am        LTP Cody Ride

8/19    6:00pm        LTP 212 Joliet

8/21    8:00am        LTP Lovell Horse Range

8/25    6:00pm        LTP Tomahawk Fromberg

8/128  8:00am        LTP Columbus Loop, Roberts Lunch

9/4  RSVP 1:00 pm-4:00pm  RSVP  Parpart’s Anniversary, Park City Civic Center     

9/6     10:00am      LTP Touch of Country, Absarokee

9/13    6:00pm        Perkins West

9/18    9:00am        Omelet Fest, Frank’s, 9:00 am Forks Up!

9/22    6:00pm        The Vig

9/26    11:30am      CCH Picnic Huntley, Noon Forks Up!

9/30    6:00pm        TZT 3 North

10/2    8:00am        SBB Chief Plentycoup

10/9    8:00am       LTP Shell Canyon

10/12  6:00pm        Red Neck Pizza Laurel

10/16  8:00am        LTP Woodbine

10/22  6:00pm        LTP Moon Light Ride

10/27  6:00pm        Dragon Palace Laurel

11/6    9:00am        TZT Lavina Roundup Loop

11/10  6:00pm        The Divide, Shiloh

11/18  6:00pm        The Pickle Barrel

11/20  9:00am        McCormick’s, Activity Meeting

12/7    6:00pm        Guadalajara West

12/18  5:00pm        Christmas Party, Casa Village, 5:00 pm Forks Up!

12/31                   BUNCO, TBA


Ride Start Locations Kick Stands up at:

CCH = Casey Corner Heights, 2347 Main St, Billings, MT

LTP = Laurel Town Pump, 312 S 1st Ave, Laurel, MT

RV-SIG = Recreational Vehicle   Special Interest Group

SBB = South Billings Boulevard MacDonald’s, 4902 Southgate Dr, Billings, MT

TZT = Top of Zimmerman Trail,         Hwy 3 and Zimmerman Trail, Billings MT

TBA To Be Announced

TBD To Be Determined

Gold Wing Road Rider Association


Chapter MT-B Rimrock Wings